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While logged out of your account and have forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password”. Enter your email address on the field provided and click “Forgot Password” An email will be sent to you open the email and follow the prompt to reset your account password.

The mobile app and website offer exactly the same service, but the mobile apps are for sure easier and faster to access.

  • Click on RATES on the buttom center of the Mobile App
  • Select Card Brand and other criterias
  • Click CHECK RATE

Your Funds are secured as the 4 digit pin set during SignUp is required for any Withdrawal Function

  • Click on “Trade Gift Card” 
  • Select the brand of giftcard you want to sell.
  • Select the card country
  • Select the range of the card (amount of each denomination)
  • Input the value of the card. 
  • Select the receipt availability this could be “physical” or “ecode” or “cash/debit/credit for amazon trades. 
  • Attach your gift card pictures you can upload up to 10 pictures at a time. 
  • The total payable amount will be displayed according to the current rate for you to confirm
  •  Click on the “CONFIRM” button.
  • Click on TRADE BITCOIN
  • Select wallet type you are sending from
  • Enter amount in USD
  • The amount you will receive will be displayed below according to the current market rate
  • The Bitcoin wallet address would then appear. Scan or Copy address then send coins
  • Upload proof of payment
  • Select account you want to receive payment to and click CONTINUE
  • Review transaction then SUBMIT
  • Invalid Gift card details.
  • An already redeemed or used gift card.
  • Your gift card was not properly activated. 
  • Your gift card is image is blurry
  • You uploaded the wrong picture 
  • You uploaded an unacceptable receipt (For cards that require a receipt) 
  • When any of these is the case, such trade will be marked failed and cannot proceed unless rectified.

The minimum withdrawal on Jeroid is N5,000

Normally trade takes about 5-10mins to complete

However, some gift cards like Apple Store, Nike,Walmart, Nordstrom, Sephora e.t.c take more time than others.

Average time will always be stated in trade confirmation but be rest assured we attend to all transactions as fast as we can.

Physical gift cards refers to cards that are purchased directly from a physical store.

Ecodes are digital gift card codes purchased online and mostly sent to the buyer’s email address.

After successful validation of your Giftcards the trade value is added to the customerJeroid’s wallet.

You are to input the $ (USD) amount of bitcoins you just sent.

Note that only the amount received in our wallet will be acknowledged and you shall be credited accordingly based on the current rate.


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